Ebook Developers Need a Seat at the Planning Table

via Ebook Developers Need a Seat at the Planning Table | Digital Book World.

Needless to say, editors, marketers and sales teams can’t be faulted for not planning for any of these things themselves. Their expertise lies elsewhere and is no less essential to the success of any given title. But the truth of the matter is that everyone loses out when production experts don’t have a seat at the table early in the publishing process—not least of all the ebooks that come out of it.

  • plenty of artifacts on the proverbial cutting room floor that could add lateral depth to many digital products
  • thinking ahead to keeping the color versions of images that will later be converted to grayscale for print so they can be returned to color for the ebook
  • reminding editors that a yellow, low-contrast cover is going to disappear on an e-ink device
  • ferret away descriptions of the commissioned illustrations that can be used later for the descriptive ALT text
  • push the production editor to secure post-print image rights
  • encourage typographical choices that can be maintained in the ebook
  • developer will understand the glyph and diacritics needs of the content 
  • push fixed-layout projects away from trim sizes that will be letter-boxed badly on tablets
  • keep archived versions of the artwork that preserve all the layers
  • keep the expressive text as a separate layer, not flattened into the artwork

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